Card Privileges

Your library card may NOT be used by anyone other than the name on the card, and must be presented to the library staff upon request. Upon receiving a new library card at the Vance Township Library you will be allowed to check out one (1) item at a time for a one month trial period. At the one month date, if you abide by all our policies on borrowing materials, you then will be allowed more extensive privileges. Namely, up to five (5) books, magazines, or music CDs, two (2) audio books, and four (4) movies (only one new one and 3 other movies) per household may be checked out after the one month trial period.


Obtaining a Library Card

First, the Vance Township Library became automated on December 15, 2016.  Now every patron will need to come to the library for a new library card.  Each will have a barcode on the back of the card with the patron’s name printed or written on the back.  The card may be used at other libraries.  Before the cards are automated for all the patrons, every one must fill out a form.

You must have a current library card to check out materials from the Vance Township Library. If your card has expired, bring in into the library to be renewed. Please do not throw away your expired card. If you do not have a card, one will be issued to you if you live in Vance Township. When applying for a library card, please show identification which includes your name and current address. This must show the actual physical address, not a post office box number. Such items as a driver’s license, recent postmarked mail, rent receipt, utility bill, or state ID card are proof of residency.


Children’s Cards

Children in school must have the signature of a parent or guardian on the application card.


Lost Card

If you lose your library card, you will be issued a replacement card for a fee of $1.00. Again, do not dispose of an expired card… bring it into the library to be renewed at no additional charge.