The Vance Township Library is dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information through reading, writing, and quiet contemplation, providing patrons the right to use materials and services without being disturbed, and providing patrons and employees a secure and comfortable environment.

To insure that all patrons may have considerate use of the Vance Township Library, appropriate behavior is expected. Violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the library property.

The librarian and the supervisory staff have the authority to carry out all powers of this policy.

No loud talking or rough behavior (this includes running in the library).

No smoking

No destruction or mutilation of library property.

Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children while at the library.

No conduct which is disruptive to the operation of the library or threatening to patrons, staff, or library property is allowed.

The volume on the computer speakers must be turned down as much as possible at all times.

No patron may use another patron’s library card to check out library materials.

No materials may be checked out of the Vance Township Library to any patrons living in the same household as another patron who owes fees to our library or any other library in the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Animals are not allowed in the building unless it is a service animal as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, or a part of a program.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the library unless as pat of a library sponsored event.

Bikes and other “vehicles” are not allowed to park in a manner that blocks the sidewalk or hinders entry to the library. Bikes should be parked in the bike rack.

Strollers are allowed in the library building.

Users of the internet must abide by our internet policy terms.